Private Herd
Bison Photo from Carol Watkins, Delta
Bison Photo from Carol Watkins, Delta

Bison and Elk Available
Elk Hunters Must Be Physically Able and Prepared to Pack plus Walk 6 miles in a Day. 

Alaska Interior Game Ranch, Inc.

All harvests depend on availability of animals at the time of scheduling.

2017 Prices will soon be posted.

2016 Bison Prices
2.5 year old females = $2600
2.5 year old bulls = $2800
3.5 year old females = $3600
3.5 year old bulls = $3800
4.5 year old bulls = $4800
2016 Elk Prices
Yearlings/Spikes = $2600
Raghorn = $3000
5 point = $3500
6 point = $4500
  • Game ranch clients must be physically fit and able to shoot with accuracy.
  • Clients must be in good physical and mental health.
  • Clients must be prepared to pack and walk long distance to secure animal.
  • Please call before booking hunt and sending deposit.
  • Thank you for your business.

Mailing Address: 
HC 62 Box 5580 
Delta Junction, AK  
CONTACT BY PHONE:  907/895-4715 (Shop) or email off of contact page.
  • Private Land
  • Private Herd
    (Physical Address: 12139 RapeseedWay)
  • Bison and elk
  • No added growth hormones or antibiotics---all natural
  • Grassfed
  • Our ranches are located just north of the Alaska Range.  We are in the heart of Alaska surrounded by snow-capped mountains.You will be on the road system.  You can fly to Anchorage and drive up the highway (about 350 miles one way) to get a view of Alaska or fly to Fairbanks & drive down from there (about 125 miles one way).  Traveling from the Anchorage area, take highway to Glennallen-Paxson-Delta.

Owned and operated by lifelong Alaskan residents. 
We reserve the right to refuse service.    

Rocky Mt. Elk Bull
Rocky Mt. Elk Bull
December 2012
December 2012
map courtesy of the City of Delta Junction
map courtesy of the City of Delta Junction


Keep the money here!
Fritz Hollembaek, Ileen, Byron and Myrtle Hollembaek on Byron and Ileen's wedding day.
Fritz Hollembaek, Ileen, Byron and Myrtle Hollembaek on Byron and Ileen's wedding day.
 Ranches owned and operated by lifelong Alaskan residents


Buckley Hollembaek-President; Russell Hollembaek-Vice-President; Scott Hollembaek-Treasurer; 
Ruby Hollembaek - Secretary -Website Design 

Website dedicated in loving memory of WWII Marine, National Guardsman & father/grandfather,  Byron Jerome Hollembaek, who came to Alaska in 1951 to begin the agriculture industry we have today and his wife, Ileen Noorlun-Hollembaek, who devoted her entire life to farm and family.

"Where Quality is Game" 
slogan contribution by Gary Schoening & Lisa Labaska 
Hello and Welcome to Kenetrek.

Russell is back on Wild West Alaska TV show.  
Grouse hunting with Jim West and Danny at the ranch.  
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